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a library technician using a computer Library technicians work under the supervision of librarians, helping them to procure, arrange, and organize materials including research material, fiction and non-fiction books, and periodicals.  They also help to acquire and arrange electronic resource materials.  Library technicians help students, researchers, and other patrons find the materials they are looking for, organize and arrange materials, catalogue and code materials, use computers to find information about materials, handle duties such as interlibrary loans and binding books, and supervise staff.  A library technician may work at a smaller library or a larger library.  Those who work at smaller libraries typically engage in a variety of duties, while those who work in larger libraries may specialize in one area, such as cataloguing and coding materials.

Education requirements of library technicians vary according to the library.  Some prefer their technicians to have an associate's degree or certificate, while others are willing to hire high school graduates who can be trained on the job.  Library technicians who work in public schools have stricter guidelines, and depending upon the particular school and its funding must meet certain requirements, pass tests, or both.

A library technician typically spends his or her day organizing, coding, and cataloguing books and other materials, as well as helping patrons find the books and resource materials they are looking for.  Library work environments are typically quiet, though social interaction with patrons is commonplace.  Library technicians usually work during the 40-hour workweek, and the work is ideal for those looking for part-time work situations.

Library technicians must be detail oriented, enjoy working with books, and like interacting with and helping people.  Excellent listening and communication skills are important, as is the ability to keep up with the latest developments in technology, books, publishing, and media.

The outlook for library technician careers is tied to technology.  As technology allows for more library automation, opportunities for library technicians will increase.

For more information about library technician careers, visit the Council on Library/Media Technology website.

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About Library Technicians' Job Responsibilities, Educational Requirements, and Working Conditions

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